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A Problem Like Maria
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A Problem Like Maria You'd think that Trouble Sleeping? would overshadow this release, and you'd be able to argue that opinion successfully -- except Slew has "Out From Underground Alive," one of my favorite WGWGSA songs, ever (a trum card if I ever saw one!). Great LP as usual, but that song just knocked it out of the park for me. Favorite track: Out From Underground Alive.
Carpeaux Carps
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Carpeaux Carps Water Gun is the best.
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FB He knows his way around a beat Favorite track: Out From Underground Alive.
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    56 minutes of sound in four parts about a few things.
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"Slew throbs with a lively passion that so few musicians have ever experienced, let alone recorded. It is silent but it is loud. It reminds me of departures on train stations and it reminds me of coffee with friends. It reminds me of walks in the city with a group with as much realism as it does when it reminds me of those times that I've traveled on the railroad tracks by myself. I was suspended two or three stories over the water below, looking out at a sunset that illuminated both sides of the trees. Such naturalistic simplicity is nigh impossible to replicate, but this abstract form has it down pact. It is everything you could ever want in music because it's so alive with human feeling."
--Mitt Zeekan
"mitt what the fuck are you talking about"
--Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack


released March 26, 2012

Production/Programming/Guitar/Vocals/Etcetera by Tim R. de Reuse.
Drunken grunts on Track 1 by the good man Fenny. (Much obliged.)

Thanks to whoever feels deserving of a thank. Your help was immeasurable. And I mean that.



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Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack Montreal, Québec

krautrock/idm/electronic/folk/shouting/noise/looping/pop/indulgent/glitch music by tim, who is from denton, texas but is hibernating in montreal for a while

booking / complaints / chat with me: at gmail dot com
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Track Name: Fine
hang it over me
slip it right through my seams
i've got no reason
to stop it creeping in
less a memory
more a daydream
i never woke up from
awake and sleeping in

all cold and wet
all warm and white
and stalled in time
your breath on mine
we're fine
Track Name: A Good Fake pt. I
How insincere do I have to be
Why do you insist on believing me

Was that okay
Was that all right
Was that someone else's words in my mouth

How insincere do I have to be
before you'll stop believing me

Was that okay
Was that all right
Was that someone else's words in my mouth
Track Name: A Good Fake pt. II
Every time that we speak
i see exactly what you need
in the rings around your eyes

i must have been lying
i must have been lying
when i said that we were fine

You don't seem to mind
picked up that script and read your lines
that whole scene we rehearsed

I could do better
Yeah i guess i could do better if i had to
but i could do worse

every waking day
could i be lying to your face
if you cared would you insist

there must've been a reason
there must've been a reason
that i must've missed

(was that all right?)
Track Name: Out From Underground Alive
I asked you, "dig up your heart for me"
and live like it's a crime
thought we'd just end up with the angles
now we've got too much time
i've looked at it through every angle
forgiven every lie
i never really thought we'd make it
from underground alive

we ignored every single warning
some twisted kind of dare
and as the storms collided over us
i found it hard to care
you found contentment in the landslide
despite the darker days
i never really thought we'd manage
to somehow stay the same

it's all the reasons you adored it
it's every honest thing we did say
my arms are open waiting for it
and time is wasted in the same way